Love what you do

This has always been our philosophy. For us it's getting to work with an amazing team and create innovative software solutions, that excite us all. Because great things happen when the things you love and the things you're good at come together.

We are maloon

Since 2009, our team of 14 has been successfully touring the web as a Drupal agency working with great clients. In these years one thing has emerged significantly: The power and hunger for innovation is huge in our team and we have the most fun developing something, that's never been done before.

This drive led to a social media enterprise solution, that does what hasn't been possible before: Connecting communities across platforms in a meaningful way. We've been developing this SocialHub since early 2012 and we feel incredibly fortunate to be able to work on something we're so passionate about.

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SocialHub unlocks the full potential of your social community. It's a social media enterprise solution for your website or app that distributes your select digital content to your customers' preferred social networks. Then, it magically synchronizes your followers' social responses (e.g. comments) back out across your social networks, website, and apps.

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